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Apple Pie $1.18 per serving
Apple Pie
I LOVE this site u guys built u are awesome :) Apple pie, plain and easy, is awesome when you grind your own cinnamon. —Kelsey V., Portland, Oregon
Green Chili Pork and Rice $1.87 per serving
Green Chili Pork and Rice
A slightly spicy and rich slow-cooker recipe with many uses! The pork can be served over rice, in tacos or burritos or (my favorite) with nachos. The sauce can be made ahead, and you may want to make two batches because it is also awesome on scrambled eggs and cheeseburgers, as a dip, or to top refried beans! —Ellen A.
Tomato and Rice Soup 99¢ per serving
Tomato and Rice Soup
A quick soup from items in the pantry, one that I made on a Saturday while deciding what to eat. A look around the kitchen turned up the three main ingredients: rice, crushed tomatoes and vegetable stock... I then improvised the balance with other ingredients that appealed to me. ... read more
Veggie Enchiladas $1.78 per serving
Veggie Enchiladas
Super easy and delicious. —Molly C., Napa, California
= quick and easy
= gluten free
= vegetarian
= vegan