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We are here for you with fresh recipe ideas. Our newest recipes feature pantry staples, easy meals you can make in batches, and tips to economize on ingredients. You will enjoy this deliciousness on about $5 a day per person. Give these recipes a try and let us know how it goes!

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How to Go on a Grocery Bill Diet, Save Thousands of Dollars a Year, and Eat Like a Foodie for $5 a Day

If you're reading this you’re probably thinking, like we were, about food costs but you don’t want to sacrifice flavor or quality. If you crave delicious, healthful food but are spending way too much for it... read more

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"I LOVE THIS! IT is exactly what I call cooking: fresh, simple, fun . . .each meal an artistic creation... Salivating over Rum Chocolate Ricotta and Mulled Wine - OMG I can't wait for the book! —MMMMerci! Kitsie C."

"Beautiful presentations, love the understated everyday elegance. Does the site have links to Food Banks? I think a lot of people would appreciate that." --Chris F.

"We tried the chili for the Superbowl and was a great hit! We can't wait to try more recipes.--Paul R."

"I made the penne with spinach and smoked gouda last night. Fantastic!! --Susan K."

"Where have you been all my life! As an immigrant and devoted lover of real food, down to earth approach to cooking is engraved in my DNA without even thinking. Budget and time restraint have never been excuse to serve awesome food to my family. Looking forward to see your posts!" --Ines K.

"I just discovered the '$5 Dollar Foodie' and already it's had an impact on the way I shop and think of food. As a single mom, I'm always on a budget but I realize I don't have to give up taste, quality or nutrition. I'm so excited to have found a community who feels the same!" --Alison F.

"I love the fact that the $5 Foodie features recipes their whole family has tested. I know I’m cooking something worthwhile, tried and true." --Molly C.

"Wow. This looks so good. . .What a wonderful idea, and you have executed it so well. Congrats!!" --Ellen A.

"What a great site. Is there going to be a book as well? I want to have it at hand in my Costa Rica kitchen where I don't have internet." --Elizabeth K.

"I love to cook even though I live with just my cat and I am always looking for interesting, simple yet tasty recipes - so I immediately signed up on your website! The meatless meals will be a god send as I prepare and share a meal with my 98 year old mother weekly, leaving her leftovers to carry her through the week. (Her teeth have aged with her and she finds meat hard to chew.) ... thanks for sharing." --L.M.