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If you managed to eat frugally, treat yourself to one of our mouth-watering and cost-effective desserts!
Almond Cake 84¢ per serving
Almond Cake
Inspired by artist Claude Monet’s favorite confection, this cake is subtle in taste, redolent of almond, and a dash of liqueur adds a complementary note. No need to say more—except that if you’ve eaten healthy and saved all week by cooking with us Five Dollar Foodies, here’s a treat.
Chocolate-Orange Spiced Banana Bread 33¢ per serving
Chocolate-Orange Spiced Banana Bread
We can't get enough of this decadent banana bread. It's a luxurious-tasting dessert (or breakfast, if you're in the mood for a real treat) and you get to use up those ripe bananas you have sitting around. Chocolate and orange (from its juice and zest) complement each other nicely, and a touch of spice adds a foodie twist to traditional banana bread ... read more
Easy Chocolate Cake 18¢ per serving
Easy Chocolate Cake
Otherwise known as "Wacky Cake," this World War II-era confection was innovated from basic pantry staples—without requiring any butter, eggs, or milk. Just throw all of the ingredients in a bowl, stir, and bake. The result is an incredibly moist and delicious chocolate treat that can be assembled in minutes (even with the help of toddlers!). Dusted ... read more
Fourth of July Cake 80¢ per serving
Fourth of July Cake
It wouldn't be the Fourth of July without this cake. So carefree, and you can share the fun by letting family or friends help you decorate it. Our quick vanilla cake, dusted with confectioner's sugar, is topped with fresh strawberries (or raspberries) and blueberries. You can use almost any basic cake recipe, such as our Almond Cake, or substitute ... read more
Rum Chocolate Ricotta $1.30 per serving
Rum Chocolate Ricotta
Chocolate, honey, and rum whipped together with ricotta cheese make for a denser, more intense dessert than traditional chocolate mousse. Think of it as the best of mousse and chocolate pudding combined. You can use farmer’s cheese rather than ricotta if you prefer. Add a little extra rum and whipped cream if you've had a long day!
= quick and easy
= gluten free
= vegetarian
= vegan